Aurora’s Blog 3

Finally, you are going to find out what happened at the end of my prom experience. By now it has been hours that I have been in my coma and the doctors still had no idea what was wrong with me. My parents left the room and it was just me and Michael. Michael was scared that I wasn’t going to wake up and he opened up about the feelings he had for me. He told me that he has been wanting to talk to me since freshman year and even though prom did not go the way he expected it to he still had an amazing time. He told me that he is glad he went with me and he would not wanted it any other way. After he was done saying all he had to say he came to the side of my bed and he kissed me and I woke up. It was like something out of a fairytale. I could not believe that the boy who I have had a crush on since the seventh grade has also had a crush on me. Once I woke up he asked me if I had heard what he had said to me minutes before and I said yes. We started talking about a lot of things but one of the things that we talked about was what happened at prom he told me that I was walking and just collapsed right there in front of everyone. He told me people started taking pictures and videos of me and posting it on social media as a joke. Once he told me that, we went to see what they looked like and some of them were funny. One of them had a comment under it that said “when you have to much fun at prom.” Michael got on the hospital bed with me and we just were looking at me on the floor for hours. Nonetheless, prom was a pretty magical night and I would not trade that night for the world. It has now been a year since that night and Michael and I’s one year anniversary. I will never know what happened to me and why I fainted but I am forever grateful because it brought me closer to Michael than I ever could imagine. Even though my senior prom did not turn out the way I imagined it would I wouldn’t has for it any other way. Thank you for reading what happened during my senior prom and come back for more life stories.

Aurora’s Blog 2

Welcome back today I am going to tell you what else happened during my senior prom. It was the Friday of prom and I was ecstatic I could not control my excitement. I barely got any sleep the night before because I had a lot to do the next day. I had to be up by eight that morning to get my nails done. After I got my nails done I went to get my hair done then I went to get my makeup done. Everything turned out perfectly and I was very pleased with how everything came out. Before I got dressed I had to stop by the flower shop to get Michael’s boutonniere. By the time I got home it was almost time to go to prom but I still needed to get ready and we needed to take pictures. I finally put my dress on while all my friends started to show up. Once Michael got to my house I came down the steps and the way he looked at me I felt like a true princess. Once we got done taking pictures it was time to head over to prom. In the car, Michael and I were listening to music while talking about how happy we were to be going to prom together. Shortly after we got there the dance floor was packed. Michael and I danced almost the entire night away. During one of the dances I felt very light headed so I told Michael I was going to sit down because I didn’t feel well and needed a glass of water. On my way to the table I fainted right on the dance floor. I cannot remember what happened after that. Michael told me he ran up to me and tried to see if I was okay but I would not wake up. While I was still on the floor people started to take pictures and videos of me laying on the floor. Once the ambulance got there they put me on the gurney and brought me to the hospital. My parents came to the hospital right away. They waited to hear results about what happened to me but I wouldn’t wake up. My godmother saw pictures and videos of me going around the internet. She came as quickly as she could to come see me because she was worried about me. When she got there, she took my phone and called Michael to tell him to come to the hospital because the doctors did not know when I was going to wake up. Michael told my godmother he would be right there. My godmother told me that he was there within minutes of her calling him. He brought me these beautiful flowers and a stuffed animal. Michael stayed there for a long time waiting for me to get up. While he was there my godmother posted updates on her Facebook for family as well as family friends and asked them to keep me in their prayers. Next week I am going to explain the end of my senior prom experience so do not forget to come back and read the ending.

Aurora’s Blog 1

Hey everybody my name is Aurora and I am going to tell you my insane prom story. Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed of going to my senior prom. Finally this is the year I got to go. I was extremely excited to find the perfect dress, get my makeup done, and get all dolled up. I have always dreamed about going with my crush from the seventh grade but if he didn’t ask me it was not a big deal I would just go alone. It didn’t matter to me that I had a date or not…I mean it would be nice but I would have fun without one. Three weeks before prom the boy that I had a crush on since the seventh grade, Michael Smith, started talking to me out of nowhere. I was not questioning why he was talking to me and I just went with it. Two weeks before prom on that Friday Michael asked me to prom in the most spectacular way. He had my best friend keep me from going in the hallway after lunch. When she finally let me leave the lunchroom I walked into the hallway. When I got out there half of the school was standing in the hall while he walked towards me with a bouquet of flowers and had all his friends hold up a sign that said “I would pass out if you said no to PROM with me…” I obviously said yes! After this I could not wait to go to prom, I still had to pick out what hairstyle and makeup that would complement my dress. After hours of deciding what I wanted I finally picked my makeup and hair. I set up the appointments for the day of prom. It is finally the week before prom and my godmother made me a tanning appointment and made us a nail appointment together for some godmother and goddaughter time. My godmother and I have a been extremely close ever since I was young and I am happy I got to spend this time with her. When I told, her Michael asked me to prom she was so excited for me because she knew how much I liked him. She wanted the best for me and nothing bad to happen to me she was basically my second mom. My godmother has always looked out for me and always wanted the best for me. It is now finally the week before prom and I could not focus on anything else. Come back next week to learn what happened next.