My Race is My Race

By: Ariana Yamasaki, Alliyah Maduro and Dylan Ashcraft

“The scars and stains of racism are still deeply embedded in the American society.” –John Ellis

Racism has been prevalent in our society for over hundreds of years; centuries of prejudice has been at the baseline of our country, and millions have been affected by it. This issue continues on into today in our towns, in our homes, as well as in our universities.

Even on small campuses, like Cabrini University, a liberal arts school, racism can be found on college campuses. In September of 2017, a racial slur was written on an African American student’s door that was immediately picked up by the media.

When asked about her own definition of racism, Dr. Angela Campbell, the Assistant Dean of Education at Cabrini University said, “I ascribe racism as system of advantages a system of laws and practices that privileged people of European descent  in the United States.” Students have been exposed to racism on campus that has greatly impacted their lives.

Brierra Woods, a junior Psychology and Criminal justice major has been a student who has been affected by racism. During the racial slur incident, Woods became very outspoken and advocated for a change to happen. Although speaking out ended up with an incident of her own she is not letting it knock her down.