15 things I learned…

Reasons why people share online 

According to the New York Times, they found 5 reasons why people share online due to the outcome of the survey they conducted. 94 percent of people say they want to better the lives of others. 68 percent reflect their online identity. 80 percent grow and nourish relationships. 81 percent enjoy the feeling of having others engage. 84 percent spread the word about topics. According to Meltwater, happiness is the main driver for social media sharing.

Bring social media editors into the newsroom

Include social media editors into project meetings. Waiting until the final stage does not help them. If they are there throughout the entire project, it will be easier for them to come up with ideas. They will be able to bounce ideas off of the editorial staff and see what sticks and what doesn’t.

How to get real Instagram followers

When trying to get followers to use hashtags. Stay active on Instagram and post on your page, story, and IG TV. Posting regularly will help Instagram recognize you and promote you. Make sure you pick your audience and make content for them. Deliver something to your audience that they want to see. Hub content is about being a part of a community and hero content is for a more general audience that’s more difficult to pull off. Engage with your audience and get feedback.



For IGTV it allows you to put clickable links into your description. When posting a video on IGTV you can add hashtags to bring traffic in. You can add up to 30 hashtags in your description. The videos autoplay so be sure not to start the video with a loud or distracting noise.


In the conference, one of the takeaways was that Facebook has at least 2.01 billion active users and the biggest demographic been men. They concluded that many responses from ads come from mobile devices. Meaning that many social media platforms need to make their content more mobile friendly.

Comment sections

Before comments, there were letters to the editors. For a long time, writers have been getting feedback about what they write. It started with letters giving them feedback and then went to comments during the digital age. It is a way for the audience to engage with writers.

Big idea marketing trends

Design thinking is a visual strategy that incorporates empathy, imagery, and success/failure predictable models. Effective storytelling connects the brands story with the story of the audience.

Email marketing

Make sure to have a pre-header text to let the person know what the email is going to be about before they open it. Try and make it a call to action to bring the reader in. Fill the email with smart content and be smart about it. Also, try adding embedded surveys. Instead of having the CTA take you to another browser tab keep it right there in the email. Not enough people were clicking the CTA button.

Instagram hashtag

If you use super popular hashtags on Instagram like #love or #happy it is going to, most likely, attract spam and bots. Also if you want to use them put them in the caption, not the comments. There is no proof that says if it is better to put hashtags in the caption is better then in the comments section.

Social media trends

Increase relevant content is going to a social media trend this year. It gives the marketers insight to make better and personalized content for their audience. Another one is overlapping social media channels. Make sure you are getting all your audience with different social media channels. Instagram stories do good with engagement but snapchat is still doing good with the younger demographics. Engage in social listening to get a better understanding of your audience. Look at their mentions and see what people are saying. Focus on generation Z the oldest of generation z are now 22 and entering the workforce. Pay attention to how social media changes and switch accordingly.

Generate leads with Instagram

To generate leads with Instagram you should target and retarget your audience. At the beginning of your campaign, you can target the audience you think will like your product and then throughout the time you can collect research and find out the demographics that actually get your product. Remember to humanize your brand. Let your audience get to know your business and have them feel involved. Involve your audience within your Instagram posts. Tell real fan stories and how your product has affected them in any way.

Online chat

Online chats improve the customer experience because if they have a question the answer will be right there. Be sure that when the customer chats with you they get the answer straight. They want the conversation to go quick so they can find what they are looking for and get to back to what they were doing. Online chats can curate insights from existing customers.

Brand story

Your brand story is something that you want other people to remember and put in their libraries of what they remember. The goal is to keep your story being talked about for months and years to come. You want people to share your story as well.


Search engine optimization is to help those who are searching for something be able to find it through keywords. For the past couple of years there has been a change from keywords to topics. Change keywords to key phrases to optimize your pages.

Social First

Pick the social platform that has the demographic you are looking for. Make sure the content you post on the platform makes sense. Make sure you have a responsive landing page for your CTA. Be sure to include user-generated content it makes the audience feel involved within the business.