EDU Equity For All

During the fall and spring semesters of my senior year, my peers and I created a multimedia website to bring awareness to the inequities the American education system currently has. Throughout the year we have collected over 80 interviews with a variety of sources.

As a team, we were able to get interviews from professionals like principles, teachers, superintendents, social workers, people who work in the medical field, and more. Other interviews we added to the website are personal stories. We asked students to speak on their time in the American education system, we talked to parents who had children who needed extra help, we talked to students who had a learning disability, and more. As a group, we wanted to get a variety of stories and backgrounds to give the viewers a better understanding.

I was the content strategist for Education Equity For All. I chose this position because she has an eye for detail. I can see the big picture while also being able to focus on the little mistakes that need to be fixed.