Cabrini University Marketing and Communication Intern

During the second semester of my senior year, I was the Marketing and Communication intern at Cabrini University. During the internship, I was able to create posts for the University’s social media platforms using Buffer.

A post I created for Valentines’ Day 2020 and posted to Buffer for it to be approved.

I mostly posted on the Instagram and Twitter pages. If there was an event happening I was in charge of capturing social media content during the event. I made many stories to get the viewers involved and excited. On Twitter, I posted about events that were happening throughout each week so those who follow our page know what is happening and when and where it is.

When everything started shutting down due to Covid19 I did not know what was going to happen involving my internship. I worked extremely closely with my boss and we brainstormed ways I could continue being her intern. Since everything became virtual the events I was supposed to work were all online. I made vlog style videos for Accepted Student Day to give the incoming students and insight on what a current student was doing at Cabrini. I also continued to blog.

Living On Campus vlog for Accepted Student Day

After the students were sent home due to Covid19 I wrote a blog that was shared on Cabrini’s Google Post and it is one of their best-performed posts on Google with a click rate of 2.9%. A majority of their posts have around a 1-1.5% click rate.

Cabrini’s Google Post of a blog I wrote to my fellow Cavaliers