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Sephora Leads the Way in Branding on Facebook

For the past couple of weeks, I have been watching how Sephora Beauty uses Facebook to further and help their brand. Sephora stands as a global leader in prestige retail. This company sells high-end makeup from different brands. They sell makeup, makeup brushes and tools, skin care and hair products. It is one of the most well-known makeup companies and is up to date on all their social media platforms.

Facebook page best practices are being consistent branding, create mobile-ready content and be creative. Being consistent in branding is when a company posts content that stands out but still is in line with the bigger brand story. Sephora is consistent with their branding on Facebook. They keep their wording similar in their posts but they also have attention-grabbing captions. Those captions are usually followed by a link to their website. Most of the page’s post are videos or pictures. They are always posting about new products that are coming to the store or how to use brands and products they already have. The page is mobile friendly. Creating mobile-friendly content is important especially at this time. Many users do go on Facebook on their mobile devices it is always good to have content that the fans can see on their mobile devices. All the images and videos Sephora post are easy to see and watch. If the image or video has wording on it the font is legible for the reader. The company is creative with what they post. Like I said earlier Sephora has attention-grabbing captions that pull the viewer in and want to look at more. They also have content that educates the fans on the products they are selling. Sephora has creative images and videos that pull viewers in.

The best practices for posting content on Facebook are to know your audience, grab attention, write compelling copy to drive interest, and test and experiment. By knowing your audience you can create content that matters to them. Sephora’s page does this well. Sephora knows that a good percentage of its audience is women. Many of the content is geared towards females. Most pictures are feminine colors like pink, purple, red, etc. They might have also found that most of the people buying their products are over 21 probably more in their late 20’s because they talk about drinking alcohol. Sephora’s page is also good at grabbing attention. The use many images that are full of bright colors and are simple and focused. Writing compelling copy to drive interest is an area where Sephora needs improvement.After overlooking Sephora’s content on their page I think they do connect some sort of strategic planning.An objective that they might have is getting more viewers to go to their website. On almost every post they send out the link to their website. Another possible objective I saw was their use of videos during the holiday season. They had employees from Sephora introduce themselves and explain what a gift is to them. This made the fans feel a personal connection with the brand. The key messages Sephora has are to inform, sell and encourage. The page informs its fans on what is new to the store and also how to use the products. For example, they posted a valentines day video that shows the new Too Faced palette and also shows a makeup tutorial with it.Another key messageSephora has is selling. Like I said before they include their website link in every post on their page. WhenBenefit came out with their new “BAD gal BANG!” mascara they made a post for it and inserted their website link. The last key message that I see is to encourage their fans. They posted a video showing that there is no wrong way to wear foundation. It encourages the fans to go look for the foundation that is right for them. Like I mentioned earlier the audience I feel that Sephora’s Facebook page is catering to are women, ages 20-30, and those with a stable income. Sephora’s target audience is focused on those who are more feminine. They use glitter and colors that cater towards those type of consumers. The audience is catered towards the ages of 20-30 because of their use of alcohol in the screenshot above. I also feel that it is catered towards those with a stable income because of the prices of the products and posts about relaxing at home.

I have noticed that Sephora does a good amount of engagement with its fans. I have seen in the comments of many of their posts that they do answer people and talk to them about the troubles they are having or answer questions they have. On the mermaid post from the screenshot above, a woman named Janet commented and said she wanted more “women” based palettes and that was not it referencing that the palette was geared to teens. In response to that Sephora thanked her for her feedback and told her to contact them.

Analyzing Sephora’s brand on Facebook showed me that there is much more that goes into having a company page on Facebook. If you want your page to be successful you have to be detailed in a plan and stick to your company’s objectives. Sephora is a well-known brand and has an inspiring strategic plan for branding on Facebook. The brand knows what its audience wants and proceeds with that knowledge. They also show their fans that they care about them and engage with them. Through Facebook, brands can create a stronger bond with their clients and also sell others on the products that they are talking about.

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